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Universal Reflexology

Your emotions and your feet may not seem an obvious pairing but Universal Reflexology takes traditional methods of the holistic foot massage...

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An article from Mooji

In spiritual circles, I often hear that everything which arises is perfect as it is, and what it arises from—God, the Universe, Oneness or whatever name one would like to use—is utterly complete and whole. If this is so, then why this dream, this nightmare of duality? No one sane would create such a nightmare full of suffering… At the moment you call it a[...]

Coming up in Spring edition

Russell Brand is quiet a controversial character and most people  have an opinion about him; be it his appearance, his behaviour, his history... But there is a side to Russell that inspires us at More to Life. The following is the narrative taken from a video on Youtube - Russell Brand ; a call for a spiritual revolution.Not quite what you might expect from [...]

Towards a True Kinship of Faiths

His Holiness The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. He frequently states that his life is guided by three major commitments: the promotion of basic human values or secular ethics in the interest of human happiness, the fostering of inter-religious harmony and the welfare of the Tibetan people, focusing on the survival of their identi[...]

Psychic Artist Ros Coleman

Ros Coleman is a psychic artist of high international acclaim. Using her psychic abilities Ros connects with our spirit guides and intuitively creates the most incredible portraits in chalk. She works with love and integrity and is one of the most highly sought after psychic artists in the UK. Ros  invited our editor to have her Spirit Guide po[...]

Come and get it

One point twenty-one gigawatts. One point twenty-one gigawatts. Great Scott. Why is she gonna get angry with you? Remember, fellas, the future is in your hands. If you believe in progress, re-elect Mayor Red Thomas, progress is his middle name. Mayor Red Thomas's progress platform means more jobs, better education, bigger civic improvements, and lower taxe[...]

Finally found you

Ho, you mean you're gonna touch her on her- He laid out Biff in one punch. I never knew he had it in him. He never stood up to Biff in his life. George, buddy. remember that girl I introduced you to, Lorraine. What are you writing? What did you say? My god, it's my mother. Put your pants back on. He's a very strange young man. Nothing's coming to my mind. [...]

Knock it down!

Hey, hey, Doc, where are you? Are you sure about this storm? Okay, that's enough. Now stop the microphone. I'm sorry fellas. I'm afraid you're just too darn loud. Next, please. Where's the next group, please. Excuse me. Save the clock tower, save the clock tower. Mayor Wilson is sponsoring an initiative to replace that clock. Thirty years ago, lightning st[...]

Like a magician

Yeah well, you shouldn't drink. That's right. C'mon, Mom, make it fast, I'll miss my bus. Hey see you tonight, Pop. Woo, time to change that oil. Doc. You're gonna be in the car with her. Of course I do. Just a second, let's see if I could find it. That's Calvin Klein, oh my god, he's a dream. Say, why do you let those boys push you around like that? I ju[...]


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